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Marijuana Sales Exploding

Marijuana sales are spiking, but what is the cause?

As the United States’ cannabis industry, both medical and recreational, continue to see massive gains with numbers floating from 40%-75% depending on the store. The type of products that are in high demand seem to be Bud as King, established edible brands, vaporizer cartridges, tinctures, and most surprisingly Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). We are living through unprecedented times for marijuana. Marijuana has finally taken back center stage in the economy, where it is legal, and providing relief for a variety of users and symptoms.

With the economic and country wide shut down and continued reaction to Covid-19, has left some people dealing with a host of issues ranging from physical to mental health. The physical health damage I have personally witnessed is extreme toothaches, where people lose all function to concentrate for any given moment. Primarily this is because dentists had been or continue to be closed. For people like this, they have chosen to go the route of RSO, hoping the gel like substance can be put over the area of the tooth and provide relief. On the other-hand, some have opted for the powerful sleep-like body high large doses of RSO can deliver in hopes for pain-relief. However, I would say the large percent of the clients seem to be medicating feelings of loneliness, troubles at home, anxiety, loss of job or economic prospects.

The rise in marijuana sales in states with access, can be attributed to many different factors other than health. One large driven factor is the marijuana industry in most states that are legal have deemed them “essential,” and I would argue that they absolutely are. Since this industry has remained largely open, marijuana stores were able to cash in on the $1200 economic stimulus check sent by the federal government. These stores were also able to cash in on the increased unemployment checks during the stay at home orders.

I would attributed the reasons above as to why the marijuana industry has seen so many gains from earlier on this year, 2020.

If I may speculate for a brief moment.

Since the economic shut down, people have lost their jobs while others have been on unemployment for the better of four months. I am also assuming that largely, gyms have either opened at below capacity or continued to be closed.

Business Insider reports that, “24 Hour Fitness files for bankruptcy and closes over 130 gym locations across the US.”


That could partially mean the population in which those gyms served is no longer exercising at all, further adding to physical and mental health problems.

Another microcosm is the fake NewYorkTimes is reporting that, “A New Covid-19 Crisis: Domestic Abuse Rises Worldwide.”


Where am I getting with all this? Well, all these are signs of an economic downturn in the mindset of a population. Drug and alcohol use goes up, and so does domestic violence. We are in a depression whether temporarily or not. People might be medicating the affects of the shut-down.

I certainly hope for the best.

-Red Eyed Widow