You may be wondering why I use the name R.Widow instead of my actual name, if not, I guess I will tell you anyway. Before the time of cannabis legalization, there was a time where the government came after you. I have been swarmed by black helicopters, chased by police into the forrest, and eventually forced to take a three year break from the cannabis industry or face jail time. In any event I chose the name R.Widow as a code name. I am aware you can use your actual name now, but R.Widow kind of just took root.

I was born and raised within the Emerald Triangle, specifically the great county of Humboldt. Originally, when I was introduced to the cannabis industry at 18 years old, it seemed like any old job. Certainly it was hard labor, mixing/amending soil, carrying soil up and down mountains, pruning, watering, harvesting, and sleeping in a tent with a pitbull. All of this saddly was taken for granted for I had no idea the job I was doing would become a passion for a lifetime.

If I think back on it, my passion for cannabis started with an elderly woman with arthritis. I usually had so much kief on me that I always made edibles of some sort. A very good friend, at the time, approached me about this woman’s struggle with pain. Her fingers would grow stiff and shots of pain would shoot from her fingers through her arms. I brought this woman some apple butter kief. Weeks later I was back in town for a brief break from the mountain. I was sitting at my favorite coffee shop listening to music and sipping coffee when a woman approached me in tears. It was the woman I brought apple butter kief. She thanked me for the edibles and told me how it has changed her life. Apparently, she hadn’t been getting out of house before the edibles. Long story short, it brought me out of my self-centered point of view to realize I was really growing medicine.  Of course I knew it was a medicine, but I was born and raised around hippies my whole life and desperately didn’t want to sound like them. After that day the list of people I gave edibles to included people with cancer, epilepsy, and severe bipolar.

Soon after, I became most fascinated with the plant and wanted to know how to grow it bigger, better, and medicinal. I began creating my own soil, building wormscrappers (house for worms), and using organic growing practices. I combed through phenos of untold amount of strains and crossed those  strains into F1s. I spent vasts amount of time with an older garden fairy, growing in Humboldt since the early 80’s. That is where I learned organic techniques on pest control. And if I may say, given 6 seeds from every strain she grew from the early 80’s. I suppose this was a graduation present.

If I can be honest, I have only just returned to cannabis as of 6/21/18. Previously, I hadn’t smoked or seen a cannabis plant for 3 years. Well, the laws have changed, the people have changed, and certainly the industry has changed. I think most important of all, I have changed as well. I cannot say if I will go back to cultivating again full-time. It does seem like I find myself a little more on the promoting and entertainment side of things, these days. Even though that seems to be the case, I am always up to date on the latest growing practices and very much aware of who has the best weed. I can see very much so, who has the shwag and who has the FIRE .

Currently, I find myself trying to launch Gentlemen Stoners, promoting my current job, and assisting farms with cultivating/processing their cannabis. I cannot say exactly where I am going with all my jobs, but one thing you can be sure of, I will make it entertaining.

Glad You Found Me,

Red Eyed Widow (R.Widow)

Where Gentlemen Come to Smoke.