Cannabis Sativa

One of the very first basic understandings an individual comes across in the cannabis industry is the difference between the three main types of cannabis; Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. If we could, for this post in particular, focus on Sativa.

Sativa Structure:

The structure of a Sativa cannabis plant is vastly different than the Indica variety. Sativa primarily grows tall branches that are generally thin. Each branch stemming from the main can be seen growing at similar heights. The leaves of Sativa cannabis are long and thin and are commonly said to resemble fingers. The Sativa variety have a longer flowering cycle as compared to the Indica variety. Contrary, to what one might expect from this flowering cycle, Sativa actually produces less per pound than Indica.

This structural difference can be directly linked to the location in which Sativa typically grew. As stated earlier, Sativa grows taller and has a much longer flowering cycle, making the Sativa varieties perfect for hotter and longer summers closer to the equator.

It would be almost impossible to talk about the effects of Sativa without mentioning cannabinoids and terpenes.


The endocannabinoid system within the human body is responsible for interacting with cannabinoids. Although there are many cannabinoids, the two most commonly known are Tetrhydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). THC gives the user the psychoactive high most commonly associated with cannabis. CBD gives the user a body high associated with anti-anxiety and pain relief.


As most would agree, cannabis has a very distinct odor, this odor is called terpenes. The terpenes can range in smell from fruity, citrus, earthy, and other variety of smells. Although the smell is generally how cannabis strains are distinctive from one another, the effects of terpenes are not yet fully understood.

Sativa Effects:

Sativa is most known for its buzzing mind high. Generally speaking, the Sativa varieties are lower in CBD and higher in THC. This gives Sativa a more mind high contributing to a feeling of being energized and focused. Some say Sativa cannabis sparks a bit of creativity upon use. Depending on the user, using Sativa before bed might give the user a slight case of insomnia. Therefore, the Sativa varieties are suggested for daytime use.

P.Hizzle’s Experience:

I have had an interesting relationship with Sativa cannabis. Earlier in my days of using cannabis, I was purely Indica. Ironically, the strain I became most proficient at cultivating was Sour Diesel. My original thought behind using cannabis was that if it didn’t knock me off my feet, it was not worth my time. Over the years, I became busier and ambitious, all of which Indica is a poor use for, so I secretly became a Sativa user. Sativa does not kill ambition and in some cases enhances the ambitious drive. I can smoke it during the day for the anti-anxiety effect while staying on my feet. To this day, I am a basic B**** for being known to primarily smoke Sour Diesel.

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