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Welcome, Gentlemen Stoners. We are under construction at the moment. Please forgive our mess.

A message from P.Hizzle:

Good to see you fellow stoner!

At the moment I am currently busy with harvest season in the state of Oregon. You can tell the difference between when cannabis was illegal to now where it is legal. Cannabis is now grown year round and there are very few breaks in this industry, like there used to be.  I had planned to launch this site next year around summer time. Yet, it seems like I have a few days off, and so I thought, “why not get things going now?”

If you are here now, I assume you found this website through our Instagram page @GentlemenStoners. Currently, that is the only place you would know of its existence. This is because I would like to give Gentlemen a first look at the site. Mainly for the reason I wanted a place for Gentlemen Stoners to come together and have a space. Eventually, we will open and promote the site to everyone. For now though, it is just us.

At this moment, the site will be updated with new content such as; articles, industry reviews, and videos. Slowly and overtime we will offer our own brand of cannabis, where we find the best farms, edibles and extracts, then bring them to you. Personally, I work in the industry and I see a lot of shwag bud, extracts, and edibles. Not all cannabis is grown organically or smokeable, by my standards. I know because I make it my business to know who has the shwag and who has the FIRE🔥.

I hope you all enjoy the site and the various social media accounts. All of which can be found through my @P.Hizzle Instagram page. I have not linked all accounts in with @GentlemenStoners simply because I have not officially launched. I have left the door open for those who’d like to watch it from the ground up. I hope you enjoy ✌.


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